Curriculum Pipeline

Course Number

Certificate Programs with
five courses in each collection

Content Partners and/or
Source Material

Stage A
Stage B
Stage C

PSYC 100

The Wellness Lab

Rutgers University

RLIT 100

Religious Literacy

Religion & Education journal, The Foundation for Religious Literacy, Centre for Civic Religious Literacy

LAW 200

Legal Literacy: Religion & Law

Rutgers University

LAW 210

Law and the Religious Other

Jefferson University

HIST 300

Religion in Early America

Smithsonian’s National Museum
of American History

EDU 400

Religion & American Education

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

EDU 410

Religion & American Higher Education

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

JOUR 500

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

POLI 600

Public studies by Pew Research Center and Public Religion Research Institute

ART 700

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

BUS 800

Religious Freedom &
Business Foundation

HUM 900

Religion & Children

Childism Institute,
Rutgers University

INTL 1000

Religion & Diplomacy


MED 1100

Religion & Health


INTL 1200

Religion & Human Rights

Rutgers University

POLI 1300

Religion & Race

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

SCI 1400

Religion & Science

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

HUM 1500

Religion & Women

Oxford Handbook,
Oxford University Press

ISPU 2500

American Muslims: Law & Society

Institute for Social Policy
and Understanding


AMST 2900

Theolegal Democracy

Palgrave McMillan

AMST 3000

Public Leaders for Inclusion

America Indivisible

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Upcoming Courses

Professional Studies
  • Interfaith Leadership
  • Legally Literate Chaplains
  • Religiously Literate Chaplains
  • Religiously Literate Healthcare Workers
  • Religiously Literate Journalists
  • Religiously Literate Public School Teachers
  • Religiously Literate Social Workers
Special Topics
  • Nunes & Nones
  • Religion & Architecture
  • Religion & Nationalism
  • Religion, Sex and Sexuality
  • Religion & Social Change
Law & Society
  • American Buddhists: Law & Society
  • American Christians: Law & Society
  • American Hindus: Law & Society
  • American Jews: Law & Society
  • American Sikhs: Law & Society
  • Indigenous Americans: Law & Society
Regional Studies
  • Case Study: Religion in Canada
  • Case Study: Religion in Europe
  • Case Study: Religion and European Media
  • Case Study: Religion in the Middle East