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Washington, DC, USA




Over half of Americans still say they don’t personally know a Muslim. If we’re going to confront hate, that needs to change.

We bring together people, diverse communities, and elected officials for focused conversations that lead to lasting relationships.
We provide tool-kits for individuals and communities to better engage their fellow neighbors, coworkers, and other local groups.
We help governors, mayors, and local officials deepen their engagement with members of Muslim communities and those who appear to be Muslim from Arab, Black, Sikh, and South Asian American communities.
We manage a network of local and national faith leaders (imams, priests, heads of organizations), prominent cultural influencers (entertainers, athletes, artists), and industry pioneers (business owners, entrepreneurs, physicians) to help tailor focused conversations depending on the needs and interests of each community.

We believe in an America that is indivisible – join us to help realize that vision.