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Videos Powered by Religion for Breakfast

The educational videos on are powered by Religion for Breakfast, an educational YouTube channel dedicated to the academic, nonsectarian study of religion. Hosted by Andrew Henry, the videos strive to raise the level of conversation about religion by exploring surprising facts about humanity’s beliefs and rituals through an anthropological, sociological, and archaeological lens.

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Podcast Featuring Dr. Simran Jeet Singh

In an increasingly polarized world, Spirited taps into the wisdom of leaders and activists who will help illuminate how spirituality informs action. Hosted by educator, activist and writer Dr. Simran Jeet Singh, this podcast explores life through the perspectives of diverse spiritual thinkers, practitioners and teachers. These episodes are featured in the online courses at and powered by Vennly.

Audio Powered by Vennly

The podcasts featured on are powered by Vennly, an audio app named after the Venn Diagram that illustrates the intersecting circles that connect us all. Vennly offers our content creators a custom, web-based audio recording suite and provides our faculty tech support, content development guidance, and production. Vennly’s recording suite allows our experts to record audio from their home. The Vennly team produces the media, ensuring quality across the courses. The audio is not only published on but also on the Vennly app (iOS can be found here and Android can be found here). Vennly also offers web-players that faculty and students can use to share on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. Below and linked here is an example of the web-player featuring Usra Ghazi. To learn more visit